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‘MaZin Grace

‘MaZin Grace

With uninhibited effervescence ‘MaZin Grace burst onto the scene at the start of lockdown with her engaging, high-energy performances on the Mixcloud and Twitch platforms. Since then she has gone on to make numerous guest appearances for the SoulfulhouseDJs and the mighty House Nation Music, illuminating the proceedings whilst throwing down choice selections and mixes like there was no tomorrow. Each time she plays she mischievously lures her audience in, and yes it’s personal; the music and the vibe.

‘MaZin’s mix of soulful house, amapiano, afro house, classic house are what keeps the audience coming back for more, and there is always an element of surprise, so expect the unexpected when you least expect it!

‘MaZin has also mixed it up with some of the best in the pirate radio scene, with a long run on Street FM as well as a two-year stint with internet radio station, Invincible Radio. Put simply ‘MaZin is a music enthusiast and a natural entertainer who knows how to orchestrate the right energy for an impactful performance. She unites the old and the new; nostalgic anthems mixed in with the hottest releases ready you for a carefully crafted set where her depth and knowledge of a wide range of music is apparent.

‘MaZin’s influences are broad-based, ranging from Jim Reeves and Michael Jackson to Sonya Spence and Grace Jones. It’s all a part of the rich musical tapestry that gives us the amazing ‘MaZin Grace.

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